"We wanted to reach out and say how thankful we are for you and what you did for us. It meant more to us than you will ever know. You helped save our marriage. Thank you so much for your wisdom and insight."

"I owe you my deepest gratitude...I've adopted a healthy, active lifestyle and found I prefer sobriety in a way I never have before because I'm having so much fun being busy working alongside people with similar passions as mine! I couldn't have done this without you and I'm so thankful for all your help. PS I constantly feel inspired by the self-portrait you encouraged me to draw!"

"I first started working with Laura Sabatini during a difficult transition in 2009. Working with Laura during that time, I was able to move on and overcome the difficulties I was facing. As the years have progressed, I continue to work with Laura from time to time as I hit bumps in the road or need to gain clarity in personal and professional areas. The reasons I have continued to work with Laura on and off for years is not only due to her tremendous support back in 2009 but because Laura was and remains, approachable, non judgemental, compassionate, and a wonderful guide. She has been invaluable in helping me assess decisions, beliefs and attitudes. She is encouraging and supportive, and I always leave a session with Laura with a better sense of optimism and positivity. I have recommended Laura to countless friends and will continue to do so. I truly value her services."

"Finding Laura Sabatini was a true miracle. She was extremely instrumental in enhancing mine and my husbands marriage. After 23 years of marriage we've never been more in love and in touch with each other as we are after a few sessions with Laura. I highly recommend her to anyone hesitant to see a therapist as she is non judgmental and really easy to talk to. I can't thank you enough Laura!!!"

"Laura is a knowledgeable and passionate therapist who approaches psychotherapy and life coaching as a true artist approaches a canvas. As a Clinical Social Worker seeking services, I found the best fit for both therapy and life coaching. Laura is able to identify with clients on many different levels and quickly puts you at ease. She incorporates your values and beliefs into her treatment planning and tailors your goals to fit your needs. Laura is nonjudgmental. She truly cares about people and provides excellent guidance and support. I have referred several people to her who have experienced positive change and growth. I was devastated that she moved to Charleston. Richmond has truly lost a clinical gem. If you are ready to make some real changes, I highly recommend Laura."

"Very few times in my life I could call myself "lucky"; but certainly one of those was when I found Laura Sabatini! I literally picked her randomly out of a list of counselors a few years ago when I was living in Richmond, VA,  and I cannot believe how amazingly fortunate that choice turned to be. At the time I needed help with the consequences of a very upsetting break up, and other correlated situations in my life. I need to say that it was not my first experience with a psychotherapist, I had several in the last 30 years, all with different outcomes; some where good and helpful, some just ok, and some others quite bad. But NOBODY was as close to perfection as she is! I agree with the previous reviews; Laura Sabatini combines impressive skills as empathic listener with an intelligent and very personalized approach to psychotherapy. She does not follow a standardized, "cookie cutter" procedure with her clients. Instead she customizes her techniques and therapeutical strategies on the person she has in front of. Where some of my previous therapists were focused too much on one side (for example relying heavily on classical Jungian therapy or on the other hand being too direct and intrusive), Laura Sabatini exhibited a perfect balance of all sides. She always had the ability to say the right words at the right time, and every session it was a confirmation of her masterful handling of our client/therapist relationship. In only five months she was able to increase my awareness and lift my spirit in a way that was unimaginable to me before, acting both on the rational and on the emotional level. I highly recommend her on all counts, she's just a wonderful therapist, and a great person all together!"