I began my career as a psychotherapist in 1988. My education and training includes insight oriented psychotherapy, family systems, marital, cognitive behavioral, brief focused treatment, clinical hypnosis and dream work. Psychotherapy at its best is an art. I have found that an eclectic approach makes for the best fit and the greatest gains.

So whether my client has depression, anxiety, grief, PTSD, abuse history, substance abuse or addiction, bi-polar disorder, marital issues, parenting concerns, an eating disorder, separation/divorce, women’s issues or sexual issues, I like to use a pinch of this or a dab of that. By responding to my clients in the moment, my knowledge and experience can be custom fit to meet their needs.

In addition to individual and couples therapy, I am offering Group Therapy for women. This insight oriented Psychotherapy group for women offers a safe, non judgmental experience for women to empower women.

Life Coaching

While Life Coaching has its roots in early psychological theories, it didn’t take shape until the early 1990s. It was primarily developed by Thomas Leonard, who founded Coach University in 1992. The most significant distinction between Psychotherapy and Life Coaching is that the Life Coaching client does not have or is not trying to work on significant psychological issues, but still wants to make important personal and or professional life changes. Using a series of techniques including questions and responses that focus on strengths and empowerment, life coaches strategize with clients to develop actions and choices. The hallmark of the Life Coach is holding the client accountable by requesting and contracting for actions to be taken. Or to quote Montaigne, “saying is one thing, doing another”. These actions or doing will move the client forward to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Life coaching works equally well with children, adults, couples, families, small businesses and large corporations. It is also quite common for Life Coaching to be conducted by teleconference as well as in person.






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